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Elegant Dressage Training, Volume 1

DVD Elegant Dressage Training, Vol. 1 - The art of classical dressage training. The 95 minute DVD includes the DVD Special "Flamingo" 

The intention of this film is to give riders a different understanding of dressage and to make clear that "Dressage is made for the horse and horses are not made for dressage! "
This is the well-defined position of the classical dressage trainer Anja Beran. Together with her mentor Manuel Jorge de Oliveira, she shows that only correct dressage work turns a horse into a riding horse. With well-shaped muscles and mentally as well as physically balanced, he matures and develops into a self-confident and satisfied partner for the whole life of the horse.

Anja Beran explains how horses can benefit from proper dressage training. She starts with a physical inventory of its weaknesses and asymmetries and continues with specific exercises to improve the physical constitution up to gracefulness, aesthetics, harmony and ease. The veterinarian Dr. Gerhard Heuschmann explains the scientifically important aspects of classical training.

In the DVD's special part  "Flamingo", Anja Beran is working with the Westphalian gelding Flamingo for nearly one year. He has gone through many ups and downs. Flamingo is a perfect example, showing that elegant dressage training is not only limited to Iberian horses.

The dream of a perfect dressage horse: It exhibits lovely, elevated movements, aims to anticipate the rider's thoughts and it seems to glide through the arena as if by magic. But how to accomplish this goal?

Elegant Dressage Training, Vol. 2

DVD Elegant Dressage Training, Vol. 2 shows that  sound and careful basic training is the most important basis for any horse's successful development. In the film "Elegant Dressage Training, Vol. 2", Anja Beran and her team show how they work with young horses. Following proper work at the lunge and a careful start under the saddle, the spectator can witness how first steps of lateral movements lead quite naturally to first steps of collection.

80 minute DVD

Price: $49.95 plus $5.25 for s/h.

Elegant Dressage Training, Vol. 3

Once good basic training has been achieved, the physical development of the horse becomes the main effort. Following the proper basic training, the horse has the necessary basis to continue with gymnastic exercises. In the Elegant Dressage Training, Vol. 3,  Anja Beran and her mentor Manuel Jorge de Oliveira show how advanced horses grow into higher exercises of classical equitation. The film copes with difficulties during training, for example the natural crookedness.

80 minute DVD

Price: $49.95 plus $5.25 for s/h.

The DVD Series to Foster Better Understanding

Dressage is for horses, but the horse is not made for dressage. This DVD-series aims to develop and create a better understanding for the appropriate training, adapted to the horses needs. Correct riding contributes substantially to the horse's health. Dr. vet. Matilda Holmer-Rattenhuber explains bio-mechanical aspects. Anja Ilona Beran has gone through all steps of classical equitation during her training with Manuel Jorge de Oliveira, pupil of the famous Nuno Oliveira. She trains horses of different breeds, from three-year olds up to high school movements.

About Anja Beran

Anja grew up with horses and her riding was almost exclusively out in the country, often for hours on end. Later on she passed the German examination for the Riding and Driving Bronze Plaque and soon discovered her passion for dressage.

At the age of 15 years she came into contact with the equestrian expert Luis Valenca in Portugal and at 16 she met the trainer Manuel Jorge de Oliveira there. He became her "mentor" and still accompanies her and supports her riding ambitions today.

During the same period she got to know Marc de Broissia in Germany and since the age of 15 she has received riding lessons from him. Immediately after completing her A level examinations, she became an established member of his training team and worked together with him for 16 years. In this context she had the possibility of riding horses of different breeds and levels of training and, after many years in which she learned to train horses herself,  from a young age to the highest level. These include,  the Lusitano stallion "Homero", the Cruzado stallion "Jupiter", with whom she has also won dressage competitions at f the "Day of the Iberian Horse", and also the Lusitano stallion "Hoggar".

The fact that she rode every day for a period of 16 years under the auspices of the same trainer and brought many horses up from their earliest beginnings,  puts her into a different class than many other dressage trainers or riding instructors.

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95 minute DVD
Price: $49.95 plus $5.25 for s/h



Since 2002 she has been running her own training center at Gut Rosenhof. She has about 40 stallions there in training from Germany and abroad. The center meanwhile has become synonymous with classical horsemanship.

The meeting equine veterinarian Dr. Gerd Heuschmann, in 2004 led to the publication of "In Deference!“ in 2005, the book that was awarded the title "Equestrian Book of the Year"“.

Already one year later, in October 2006, the instructional film appeared "The Art of Fine Dressage" at the end of which Dr. Gerd Heuschmann explains medical-scientific facts in support of classical dressage training.