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Philippe Karl & High Noon

A French riding master & his Hanoverian. 20 months of trusting collaboration


Be inspired by the riding philosophy of "legrete". Get close up to the action in Part-1 of this highly instructive documentary film where the young Hanoverian Gelding "High Noon" goes through his first two years of basic training with the renowned French riding master. Phillipe Karl trains him in lunge rein, in hand, and in the saddle with respect, esteem, and expertise. Enjoy their work together, from young horse to the first piaffe strides, based on trust.


Price ; $49.95 plus s/h.

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Bringing It Together - An Approach To A Lighter And Happier Dressage Horse 

(Book with Instructional DVD included.)


Whether a person is interested in a traditional bridal horse in the Vaquero style, or a grand prix dressage horse, there are universal truths about horses that can be applied to help the horse better understand what we'd like him to do, yet allow him to enjoy his work.


While reading this, don't try to reconcile some vast gulf between particular riding disciplines, but embrace the lifetime of experience Ellen and Betty are sharing, which makes all good horsemanship a "kinship".


Price; $49.95 plus $7.75 s/h


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School of Classical Dressage Series
with Philippe Karl

4 individual DVDs about the Philippe Karl method of Classical Dressage training.
46 minutes each and priced at $49.95.
Buy the whole set of four for $159.95 plus s/h.

Volume 1: The School of Aids
Volume 2: The School of Gymnastics
Volume 3: The School of Dance
Volume 4: Training Progress - One Year

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Elegant Dressage Training
with Anja Beran

Anja Beran explains how horses can benefit from proper dressage training. She starts with a physical inventory of its weaknesses and asymmetries and continues with specific exercises to improve the physical constitution up to gracefulness, aesthetics, harmony and ease.
The 95 minute DVD includes the DVD Special "Flamingo".

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Price:  Volume 1 online for $49.95.00 plus s/h.

Volume 2 and Volume 3 will be released in October 2009.
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 Classical Schooling with the Horse in Mind
with Anja Beran

Topics include: The rider's physical conditioning, posture, and coordination, Starting the green horse, Gymnastic exercises, halting, and transitions, Teaching piaffe, passage, tempi changes, and pirouettes, achieving true collection.

This lovely, thoughtful book provides the ultimate modern reference in classical training technique. Throughout, gorgeous color photographs demonstrate movements and lessons on horses at various stages of schooling. In addition, a final chapter on basic equine anatomy by the renowned German veterinarian Dr. Gerd Heuschmann affirms Beran's methods with science.

Hardcover, 9.5 x 10.75 in., 192 pages, fully illustrated.

The Lost Quixotes
by Paul Belasik

Paul Belasik announces the release of The Lost Quixotes, The Art of Collecting the Riding Horse, a 48 minute documentary film.
Over two years in the making, this film explores the concept of collection, the old masters who created it, and the current science that continues to shape it. It has been created to help riders across all disciplines connect the works of the old masters on collection to state-of-the-art bio-mechanical research.

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Price: $39.95 plus s/h

Pilates for the Dressage Rider - Book (158 pp) and DVD Combo (90 min)

by Janice Dulak

 In the original book and the new DVD, Janice Dulak has compiled a program of Pilates exercises specifically designed to help the dressage rider enhance her ability for success in dressage. The exercises, which have been selected from over 500 Pilates exercises, will help develop the core strength, good posture and muscle flexibility integral to success in the saddle. Both basic and advanced exercises are included, as well as exercises in the saddle.

Priced at: $59.95 plus $6.75 s/h.


Klaus Balkenhol - The Man and His Training Methods
by Britta Schöffmann

A celebrity of the international dressage world, Klaus Balkenhol has an impressive record at the highest levels of competition. So involved is he in the sport, one cannot separate his personal story from his training and riding philosophies, which are grounded in the timeless art of classical riding. Now, in this beautifully illustrated new book, you learn about both the man and his methods.

•Training according to classical principles
•Errant trends in competitive dressage vs. classical technique
•Choosing the right dressage horse
• Instilling trust in young horses
•Working horses without stress
•Employing the Training Scale in daily practice
•Tips for schooling Grand Prix movements

Hardcover • 160 pp • 7 1⁄2 x 10 • 175 color photos. Price $29.95 plus s/h

TRAINING THE HORSE IN HAND - The Classical Iberian Principles
by Alfons J. Dietz

Filled with more than 100 color photographs, drawings and diagrams, this horse book offers detailed instruction on training horses according to both the Iberian and Viennese methods on the long line, with long reins and between pillars.

Levels range from basic lessons for starting young horses to advanced work, including the airs above the ground. The author studied classical training for eight years at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna before leaving to work independently.
Hardcover book, 176 pages.

Price: $29.95 plus s/h.

TRAINING A HORSE DVD SERIES - Gentle and Sensitive Dressage Training
with Rudolf Zeilinger

Rudolf Zeilinger is one of the most talented pupils of  the late Willi Schultheis, and himself a trainer of Olympic and World Championship horses. Rudolf is well known for the gentle and sensitive way he trains dressage horses. encouraging them to develop a relaxed, confident and athletic way of going, combined with a happy forward thinking attitude to their work. Five individual DVDs about the Rudolf Zeilinger method of Dressage training.
Approximately 55 minutes each DVD and priced at $49.95.

Volume 1: Lunging & Breaking In
Volume 2: Basic Training in the First Year
Volume 3: Lateral Work as a Key to Success.
Volume 4: Half Pass, Counter Canter and Flying Changes
Volume 5: Achieving Collection, Piaffe and Passage.

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A Means of Suppling and Collection.
by Richard Hinrichs

The DVD filled with clear explanations and plenty of fooyage of the necessary techniques and equipment for schooling in hand. Aids and their application; work on the long line; long reining; suppling and collection; lateral movements; flying changes and pirouettes; piaffe and passage; the Spanish walk and airs above the ground. Richard Hinrichs trains, teaches and performs widely with his Lipizzan and Andalusian horses, demonstrating the fine art of classical horsemanship.

The DVD is 45 minutes.
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by Dr. Reiner Klimke

This 3-DVD Series is available as a whole set or individual DVDs.

Dr. Reiner Klimke was one of the most successful dressage riders worldwide. He trained his horses in accordance with the principles of classical equitation – and this is more than ever an up-to-date subject today!  In this educational series, he shows how to cope with daily problems in training horses to elementary level and how to solve these problems. Everybody who aims to compete at this level will benefit from his films and will find valuable inspiration for his everyday training. 

Each DVD is priced at $44.95 plus s/h
The set of three is priced at $124.95 plus s/h.
Delivery starts in March 2009. Order now and get in line !

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  Motivation for Dressage Horses
with Richard Hinrichs

Motivation is a multi-faceted subject – how does one in detail go about increasing a dressage horse’s enjoyment and charisma and how do we then encourage the horse to demonstrate its strength and vibrancy.

In his film, Richard Hinrichs demonstrates very effective methods for motivating the horses and puts forward various suggestions for improving difficult and demanding training sessions: positive reinforcement - relaxation und stretching -collecting exercises.
A 46 minute DVD that shows how wonderful riding Classical Dressage style can really be.

Price: $49.95

with Kalman de Jurenak

From among his many experiences regarding instruction of horses and riders in a lot of different countries, the Hungarian Kalman de Jurenak has developed his philosophy of Classical Schooling.

The first part of the film shows the importance of a correct basic training of horses in the basic paces to come to a deep and round way of going.
The second part of the film underlines this in more detail and explains how to train horses up to Prix St. Georg-level. It features possible problems and how to solve them to come to a harmonious performance of both, horses and riders.

100 minutes DVD
Available  for US$49.95

Tug of War: Classical versus ''Modern'' Dressage
book by Gerd Heuschmann

This book is his appeal to: RIDERS-to only use gentle, progressive training methods in accordance with the time-tested principles of classical riding; JUDGES-to sharpen their eyes and recognize unnatural postures or forced movements and evaluate them accordingly in competition, while rewarding classically trained, correctly gymnasticized horses; GOVERNING ORGANIZATIONS-to review their regulations and uphold stipulated "ideals" on both national and international levels; SPECTATORS-to reject sensational performances and flashy tests when the methods used to obtain them have not had the health and welfare of the horse in mind. Dr. Heuschmann provides readers with a thorough discussion of the correct physiological training of the horse, walking through the elements of contact, lateral movement, and other important aspects of a classical training foundation.

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$24.95 plus s/h

with Eitan Beth-Halachmy

Eitan has long been known for his unique style of horsemanship. In this video Eitan
discusses control of the three parts of the horse's body, the importance of forward
motion and much more. Beautifully done, always entertaining and inspiring.

When Dressage suits your needs, but a Stetson is your lifestyle.
45 minute DVD.


by Nuno Oliveira 

Nuno Oliveira has been described as one of the last of the great international riding masters and this important book affords an opportunity to study a master at work. 

The author, who reveals much of his own personality and philosophy in his writing, examines and explains classical techniques with clarity and brilliance. Throughout the book the emphasis is on lightness and harmony, the whole reflecting a deep love and respect for the horse.

Hardcover format, 6 in. x  9 in., 120 pages, many photos. 
Price: US$29.95 plus s/h.

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by Sylvia Loch

This book is a must for those who want to know exactly what their horse is thinking when they are in the saddle. Many riders know the traditional aids, but remain unaware of the biomechanical reason for doing things a certain way for the horses sake. By underlining the forces that influence the horse as he moves, the author demystifies concepts such as outline, engagement, and the weight aids.
Hardback, 280 Pages,

Price $41.95 plus s/h.