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by Dr. Gerd Heuschmann

75 minute DVD by Dr. Gerhard Heuschmann
Introduction spoken by Hans-Heinrich Isenbart

The moving 3D-horse at walk and trot is a world novelty, which clearly depicts what happens in the horse's body with hyperflexion techniques that are currently widely rewarded in competition arenas around the world.

Positive and negative live rides by Hans Riegler (Chief écuyer Spanish Riding School, Vienna) and David de Wispelaere (Grand Prix Rider, awarded with the Piaffe Horsemanship award 2008) and others.

Computer professionals, who had worked on known movies like Jurassic Park, King Kong and other 3D-animations developped this project. The animation lets the  viewer understand completely, why false riding must lead to permanent damages!

With the complex 3D-animation, work movements can be depicted now. Currently, you see the horse standing with moving neck and head and its anatomic effects on back and hind quarters. Drawings of skeletons and muscles literally become vivid. The whole walk and trot mechanism will also be shown in the movie.

Everyone who loves his horse will watch this movie to understand: The rider who does not want to understand the horse's anatomy will torture his horse consciously in the future. What horseman does really want that?

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About the Author

Dr. Gerhard Heuschmann is an equine veterinarian, an active rider and above all a true horse lover. He currently pours all his energy into educating riders on how to develop a better awareness of what is really needed to make their sport more horse friendly. He is not afraid to speak up for his cause and will always lend the horse his voice.

His book "Tug of War - Classical vs. 'Modern Dressage" was first published in 2006 with an "Open Letter" to the Federation Equestre International and the German horse riding authorities. The book explains expressively and clearly what riders have to know to keep their horses sound and healthy. Over 25'000 copies of the book have been sold.
The DVD  Reviewed

How incorrect modern riding negatively affects horses' health. Experienced rider as well as horse veterinarian Dr. Gerd Heuschmann utilizes the highest degree of technological help to capture the horse in 3D and clearly demonstrates the biomechanics of the horse and showcases the 'torture' that rollkur can cause in the breakdown of the horse.

The material here is explicit detailing each gait and reviewing the false high head position as well as the hyperflexion techniques that are currently widely rewarded in competition arenas around the world. Appreciated for his plain speaking on behalf of the horse and his depth of research and understanding of the horse both in mind and body, any rider will be impressed by this material.

David de Wispelaere does an excellent job of showing a young chestnut gelding through all the paces and there is footage from various events around the world that provides evidence of the complete lack of walk in some Grand Prix horses, 'spectacular' leg actions and stiff and tense backs, as well as the classical methods upheld by other riders and the difference between the two.

The production is of high quality and Dr. Heuschmann has presented a factual basis for asking judges around the world to return to rewarding the true classical training of a horse. There is nothing inflammatory in this work and the viewer is easily able to determine the best way forward for training the horse if their goal is to keep their mount happy and sound. Input from the highly regarded Dr. Heinz Meyer, Jochin Schleese (saddle maker and rider) and Johann Riegler of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna provide their own points of view on the subject. The stunning study completed in the Netherlands that detailed over seventy percent of the horses there are unsound and queueing at clinics for repair by the age of eight was a revelation.

While we might miss the sound and sage advice of some of the great masters of this era like Dr. Reiner Klimke and Nuno Oliveira, we can be grateful that folks like Dr. Gerd Heuschmann are there to take up the cause of the horse who cannot speak for himself. A very good DVD and any rider of any discipline will ride better with the understanding of the back muscles and bridge. Working in a classical manner will encourage your jumper to bascule and your dressage mount to work in comfort and confidence for many years. This also impacts the health of the rider too, as a horse in true carriage will be soft to sit and have less refusals and objections to jumping work. As a horse's back becomes damaged and tense, I would suggest it likely that so will that of the rider.

We can only hope that the judges choose to speak to the protection of the horse in their scoring. Hopefully judges and officials will take confidence to stand up for the horse knowing there is a growing ground swell of support as riders around the world become conscious of the damage incorrect training does to the horse. Hopefully trainers will then return to the classical schooling methods knowing their long term approach will be reflected in positive scores and good role modeling for the sport, as well as the all important health benefit to our partner, the horse